Start-Up Mission of the technical assistance to green public finance and investment management for the Republic of Serbia

In September 2023, we received the exciting news that Mancala Consultants was selected for the first project under the Agence Française de Développement Framework Contract in collaboration with the World Bank: Technical Assistance for the Advancement of Green Public Finance and Investment Management in the Republic of Serbia.

Our mission for this task includes, among other objectives, working closely with key ministries and agencies to design Serbia’s Green Budget Methodology, strengthening the alignment between the Green Agenda and public finance and investment.

In October 2023, the initial mission took place in Belgrade, where our Technical Assistance team participated in productive meetings with various stakeholders of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, including the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP), Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure (MoCTI) and Ministry of Mines and Energy (Mome). In addition, our technical assistance team interacted with the European Union and Swiss Cooperation to align ongoing public financial management (PFM) projects in the Republic of Serbia.


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