Start-up mission | Evaluation of Budget Support operations in Jamaica

Last Wednesday, October 26th, the launching seminar of the budget support operations evaluation services contract in Jamaica took place in Kingston. MANCALA is leading a team of 9 consultants that will evaluate budget support operations in the sectoral areas of Justice and Security, Public Financial Management Reform and Environment. Our team leader, Jordi Montagud, presented the evaluation process and schedule to stakeholders, who were able to exchange their views on the operations they have managed, discuss their challenges and expectations, and set an agenda for upcoming meetings and roundtables.

The event brought together numerous stakeholders from the different administrations of the Government of Jamaica (representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service, the Forestry Department and the Planning Institute of Jamaica, among others), as well as representatives from other member states, civil society organizations and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

MANCALA is implementing the OECD/DAC standard methodology for budget support evaluation, combining the Comprehensive Evaluation Framework (CEF) – which includes a five-level results chain (from inputs to impacts), with a non-linear method of contribution analysis, the so-called 3-step approach.

From an accountability and transparency perspective, the evaluation results will provide stakeholders and the general public with an independent overall assessment of budget support operations in Jamaica over the period 2008-2021, identify key lessons learned, and make recommendations for improving current and future budget support operations in Jamaica.


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