ROM Monitoring "Towards an Inclusive and Participatory Fiscal Pact"

Country: Guatemala
Funder: European Union, through Integration GmbH
Years: 2015
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management – Climate change and natural resources – Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring of the project “Towards an Inclusive and Participatory Fiscal Pact (Guatemala)” The objectives are (i) Strengthen the advocacy capacities of local authorities in the definition of the national policy for municipal strengthening and decentralization, and (ii) strengthen municipalities, town halls and indigenous authorities so that they have financial management, tax management, and administrative capacities.

The mission has applied the methodology of the European Commission “Results Based Monitoring (ROM)”. The methodology focuses on assessing the results of the programs through reports that provide a global vision of the operations carried out and the progress made. The programs are monitored based on the criteria of Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact, and Sustainability.

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