Technical Assistance to the Fiscal Policy of El Salvador

Country: El Salvador
Funder: European Union 
Years: 2016 – 2018
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management

The project will provide Technical Assistance to the Government of El Salvador, through the Ministry of Finance, to implement its fiscal policy, including fiscal transparency, medium-term fiscal framework, and improvement of public investment in connection with the National Planning System. The Ministry of Finance will be supported to achieve the objectives of its Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI – 2015-2019) which are: (i) Progress gradually to correct the imbalance in Public Finance and achieve a trend towards fiscal sustainability, ( ii) Improve the allocation of resources and the quality of public spending, (iii) Implement a progressive tax policy, with efficiency, effectiveness and equity in the administration of the tax and customs system and (iv) Strengthen, modernize and innovate processes and services oriented to the satisfaction of users and taxpayers. The project will support the government and the Ministry of Finance to ensure the coordination of international donors, including aspects that contribute to improving the country’s PEFA indicators.

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