Technical assistance for the Construction and Resilience of the State in Haiti (SBC II)

Country: Haiti
Funder: European Union
Years: 2019 – 2021
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management – Budget support and other aid modalities – Public Management

In 2018, the European Union and the Haitian government agreed on a new State Building and Resilience Contract (SBC II) for Public Financial Management, Public Administration, Education and Statistics. As well as for additional support in macroeconomics, public policies (programming and monitoring) and decentralisation.

The overall objective of this Technical Assistance – part of the SBC II programme – was to strengthen the resilience of the Haitian state to ensure sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Specific objectives included:

  • Good management of public finances, transparency and better control of state accounts.
  • Better managed public and state administration, which is able to deploy its action more effectively and efficiently (within the framework of justice and elections).
  • More coherent, effective and better monitored national policy planning and policy implementation.
  • Closely monitored macroeconomic position, with early identification of risks and corrective measures, allowing for coordinated implementation of the State Resilience Building Contract (SBCII).
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