Support to the appraisal of a Development Policy Loan on public sector modernization in Jordan, and to Reform key stakeholders

Country: Jordania
Funder: AFD
Years: 2024
Areas of Expertise:  Budget Support and Other Aid Modalities – Public Financial Management – Public Management

In Jordan, Public Administration Reform (PAR) is crucial for improving governance, service delivery, and efficiency in the public sector. Collaborative efforts involving government agencies, international organizations, and development partners have led to significant progress, particularly in modernization and capacity building. Guided by the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV), Jordan aims to accelerate economic growth and enhance the quality of life. The Public Sector Modernization Roadmap, covering 2022 to 2025, includes 206 initiatives supported by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. The French Development Agency (AFD) has provided loans to support these reforms, emphasizing sustainable development, governance, and inclusive growth.
The activities implemented include: (i) A situation analysis and any diagnosis to allow for the definition of the AFD development policy loan (DPL) and associated technical assistance under the public sector modernization roadmap (phase 1 & 3). (ii) The assistance, to the key roadmap implementers, of the cost estimation of measures and projects required for the reform (phase 2).

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