Strengthening of the public finances of Provincial Governments, with the focus of Management for Results and citizen participation

Country: Ecuador
Funder: European Union, through Integration GmbH
Years: 2016
Areas of Expertise:
Monitoring and Evaluation – Public Finance Management – Climate change and natural resources

The project “Strengthening the public finances of provincial governments with a results-based management approach and citizen participation” was monitored. The project sought to evaluate and create essential and effective financial management systems, seeking to consolidate local governance in the area of planning and management of public finances – PEFA -, linking them with the exclusive competencies of provincial governments, from a results-based management perspective.

In the development of the mission, the European Commission’s methodology “Results Based Monitoring” was applied. The methodology focuses on assessing the results of the programmes through reports that provide a global vision of the operations implemented and the processes carried out. Programmes are monitored against the criteria of Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability.

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