ROM Monitoring of "Technified Irrigation for Small and Medium Producers of Ecuador"

Country: Ecuador
Funder: European Union, through Integration GmbH
Years: 2019
Areas of Expertise: Monitoring and evaluation

Evaluation/monitoring missions using the European Commission’s Results Based Monitoring (ROM) methodology to analyse the implementation of the ITP. This methodology focuses on assessing the results of the programmes through reports that provide an overview of the operations implemented and the progress made. Programmes are monitored against the criteria of Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact, and Sustainability. The PIT Action has been monitored, the objectives of which are:

This project aimed to improve the incomes of smallholder agriculture by supporting more efficient irrigation and more sustainable agricultural production, adapted to climate change, through the installation of efficient plot irrigation systems, the promotion of agriculture more adapted to climate change, as well as improved access to markets.

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