ROM monitoring of "Program to combat climate change in agriculture"

Country: Mexico
Funder: European Union, through Integration GmbH
Years: 2018 
Areeas of Expertise:
Monitoring and evaluation

The “Programme for combating climate change in agriculture” was monitored using the EU methodology – which focuses on assessing the results of the programmes through reports that provide an overview of the operations implemented and the processes carried out. The programmes were monitored according to the criteria of: Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability.

Through the Fideicomisos Instituidos en Relación con la Agricultura, a line of credit was requested from the French Development Agency, which was later accompanied by a grant from the European Union, through the Latin America Investment Facility. The objective of this blending was to finance the costs linked to the investment, as well as technical assistance actions dedicated to improving the definition and identification of green projects, as well as the evaluation of the impacts of such projects.

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