Monitoring project "Technical assistance to support the reforms of the Public Financial Management of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"

Country: Jordan
Funder: European Union
Years: 2017
Areas of Expertise:
Monitoring and Evaluation – Public Finance Management

The monitoring of the project “Technical Assistance in Support of Public Financial Management Reforms in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” aimed to improve state capacity, professionalise the civil service and increase tax collection. Among the main beneficiaries of this project were: the Ministry of Finance, the Audit Bureau, the Tax and Revenue Department, and the General Budget Department. The methodology implemented in the development of the project was “Results Based Monitoring”.  This methodology, designed by the European Commission, focuses on assessing the results of the programmes by means of reports that provide an overall view of the operations implemented and the processes carried out. The programmes are monitored according to the criteria of Relevance, Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability.

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