Mid-term external evaluation of the thematic fund of the Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) Phase II

Country:  Kenya, Mombasa County, Kilifi County, Pakistan, Togo and Panama
Funder: International  Monetary Fund (IMF)
Years: 2022 – 2023
Areas of Expertise:
Monitoring and Evaluation – Public Finance Management

The objective of this evaluation was to assess the overall performance of TADAT in fulfilling its mandate, as envisaged in its programme document, and to make recommendations for improvement. To this end, the evaluation was conducted at two levels: (i) TADAT capacity development assessments; and (ii) TADAT thematic fund operations and management.

Of the 40 jurisdictions in which a TADAT CAS has been conducted during the period under evaluation, the evaluation visits 6 of them – Kenya, Mombasa County, Kalifi County, Pakistan, Togo and Panama – and a questionnaire was sent to the rest of the jurisdictions. To reach the second level of the evaluation, interviews were conducted with 18 stakeholders who are part of the TADAT operations and management process.

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