Institutional Strengthening Program for the Development of the Medium-Term Budget Framework Tool in Central America and the Dominican Republic

Country: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic 
Funder: Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (SECO), through Eptisa S.A.
Years: 2013
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management

The general objective of this programme was to assist the Government of Nicaragua in the preparation of the Medium-Term Institutional Expenditure Frameworks. Among the main activities carried out were:

  • Quantitative analyses, support to the preparation of the Institutional Expenditure Frameworks of several public ministries for the 2014 budget year. The Ministries supported were: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Family and Social Welfare, and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

  • The review of the framework in its aspects of objective definition, refinement of institutional performance indicators, and expenditure analysis. The review of the Ministries’ programme budgets and progress in the operation of results-based costing.

  • Training of officials of the Ministries involved in the operation in the definition of indicators for monitoring the impacts and results defined in the Expenditure Frameworks derived from the programmatic structure of the budgets.

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