Evaluation of secos public finance management program at subnational level phase 2 in Peru2

County: Perú
Funder: European Union
Years: 2023
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management – Monitoring and Evaluation 

The overall objective of this evaluation was to assess and strategically reflect on the relevance and effectiveness of the design and the “Public Financial Management Programme at Subnational Level 2020 – 2023” – Subnational PFM.

The evaluation consisted of the identification and/or validation of lessons learned, good practices and corrective measures of the programme. This was done by assessing the results and progress achieved so far. In addition, recommendations were made for the design of the third phase of the programme with the aim of maximising impact and ensuring long-term sustainability, which could cover the next four years. Data collection was carried out through a methodology designed according to Development Assistance Committee (DAC) standards, using the following evaluation criteria: Relevance, Effectiveness, Coherence, Efficiency and Management, and Sustainability.

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