Evaluation of Budget Support Operations in Jamaica

Country: Jamaica
Funder: European Union 
Years: 2022 – 2023
Areas of Expertise:
Budget support and other aid modalities – Public Finance Management – Monitoring and Evaluation

The objective of the contract is to carry out an evaluation of budget support operations in Jamaica during the period 2008-2021. Commissioned by the EU within the framework of its accountability policy, it includes the participation of the Government of Jamaica, the World Bank and the IDB.

The evaluation assesses elements such as the relevance of budget support programs in Jamaica, the quality of the opportunities (outcomes) that the deployment of inputs (funds disbursed, dialogue framework established, and capacity development support) have created, and the level Jamaica’s ownership and leadership as a delivery partner, as well as identifies the opportunities created by budget support, the changes targeted by budget support that have occurred, and the causal factors driving those changes.

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