Definition of a roadmap for the Public Accounting Entity (ECP), the public accounting reforms and the measurement of the quality of the information generated by the new Budget Classification Catalog (CCP) in Colombia

Country: Colombia
Funder: World Bank and Seco- State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Switzerland)
Years: 2022
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management

This project focused on the second phase of the Strengthening Public Financial Management programme. This is part of the Colombian government’s work, through funding from SECO and the World Bank, to strengthen government institutions and Public Financial Management. One of the objectives of this programme is to improve the efficiency and transparency of public finances through an improved governance framework for Public Financial Management and better quality information for decision-making.

This project aims to provide inputs to advise the government and generate proposals in the following areas: Public accounting entity of the central sector of the national public administration; Adoption of the International Standard for Public Sector Accounting (IPSAS) 42 Social Benefits in Colombia: in the Cost Accounting System for Services Provided, and Quality of the information of the General Budget of the nation following the adoption of the Budget Classification Catalogue.

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