Strategic Evaluation of the European Union Budget Support in Albania 2014-2020

Country: Albania
Funder: European Union (EU)
Years: 2022 – 2023
Areas of Expertise:
Public Finance Management – Budget support and other aid modalities – Public Finance – Monitoring and Evaluation 

The overall objective of the evaluation was to assess to what extent and under what circumstances budget support has contributed to improving the Albanian Government’s policies, strategies and spending actions to achieve sustainable results in key reforms and to make progress in the EU enlargement process.

The evaluation covered cooperation in the following sectors: public financial management, public administration reform, good governance, rule of law, anti-corruption, social inclusion, and employment and transport.

The evaluation followed the OECD/DAC budget support assessment methodology and its results provided useful information for the overall design, planning and decision-making of budget support operations in the context of EU-Albania relations, as well as the wider Western Balkans region.

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