Kick off event of ENACE-Honduras

Lanzamiento ENACE-Honduras

Last week, the Mancala Consultores team traveled to support the kick off event of the consultative process with social organizations. This process aims to develop the National Strategy for Climate Empowerment (ENACE) in Honduras.

ENACE-Honduras is a participatory initiative aimed at promoting processes that contribute to the climate empowerment of the Honduran population. Its goal is to equip citizens with the necessary capacities to effectively participate in the design of public policies aimed at strengthening Honduras’s environmental resilience, considering human rights and social equality. ENACE is built from consultations, workshops, and dialogue tables that will be organized across the 18 departments of the country in the coming months, with the planned participation of representatives from civil society, women’s associations, state institutions, indigenous peoples, academia, and other representative organizations of vulnerable groups or populations.

Once the round of consultations and the participatory process is completed, Honduras will have a National Strategy for Climate Empowerment that reflects all the concerns, proposals, and initiatives of its population. This will empower citizens in climate change issues and address them from a strategic and cross-cutting approach to Honduran public policies.

This event was carried out with the support of SERNA and FIIAPP, and is organized within the framework of the EUROCLIMA program. Throughout the day, we had the participation of numerous social organizations interested in actions for climate empowerment and mitigation. The day was very fruitful, with representatives of the organizations already expressing their concerns and advancing their ideas on ongoing actions and initiatives, as well as those yet to be proposed. We appreciate the participation of all attendees.


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